Golda Poretsky

Golda Poretsky

Advocate, Speaker, Lawyer

Golda Poretsky's speaking career began after a lifetime of diets and self-abuse. In 2008 Poretsky founded an organization entitled 'Body Love Wellness,' devoted to supporting plus-size women wishing to swap grueling dieting in favor of a healthier, more positive body outlook. She offers single and group coaching sessions for these women, implementing a Health at Every Size program. She has coordinated online events such as Body Positive Dating Master Class, the Health at Every Size Master Class and The Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit.

Poretsky's fat advocacy has been featured on well-known network programming such as Time Out New York, The Early Show, Nightline and LX New York. Poretsky contributes to the website and is the author of her own book, titled, 'Stop Dieting Now: 25 Reasons to Stop, 25 Reasons to Heal.'

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