Guy Hoffman

Guy Hoffman

Roboticist and Co-Director of IDC Media Innovations Lab

Guy Hoffman's keynotes are focused on the advancement of robotics and the potential robots have to feel and react rather than just do tasks. Hoffman is a Roboticist and C-Director of the IDC Media Innovations lab and assistant professor at the School of Communication at IDC Herzliya. His focus has been on human-robot interactions, and many of his projects reflect that interest. Hoffman created the first human-robot joint acting project as well as the first human-robot jazz duet.

Hoffman's research areas include human-robot interaction(HRI)and collaboration, nonverbal communication in HRI,theatrical and musical performance in robotics and non-humanoid robot design. Guy Hoffman's keynotes are both informative and entertaining, and bring up topics of robotic empathy and human interaction with robots and other technology.

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