Harald Haas

Harald Haas

Professor, Visiting Professor, Co-Author, Writer

The Harald Haas keynotes examine the potential that LED light bulbs have in data transmission. Hass believes that lights can be used as a resource to transmit data faster and more efficiently.

Currently, Haas is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh and a Honorary Professor at Jacobs University Bremen. Prior to this position, Haas was the Project Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks. In terms of his education, Haas was involved in a communication electronics apprenticeship and studied telecommunication. He later received his Ph.D. in electro technology, mobile radio communications and telecommunications engineering.

Haas co-authored multiple books and chapters including 'Next Generation Mobile Access Technologies' and '100 Produkte der Zukunft - Wegweisende Ideen.' His work was also featured in notable journals including the 'EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking' and the 'Journal of Communication.'

The Harald Haas keynotes are in-depth discussions that examine how a light bulb can connect and transform the future of electronic devices and wireless sharing.

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