Harish Manwani

Harish Manwani

Chief Operating Officer of Unilever and Director of Whirlpool co.

The keynotes by Harish Manwani focus on creating socially responsible businesses and re-structuring the business model to put more focus on responsible profit. Manswani is the Chief Operating Officer of Unilever and he has spent his career turning the company into a business with social responsibility.

In India, the Shakti program has worked to help women break into small business ownership, while their one-rinse detergent product helps save water while washing clothes. The keynotes by Harish Manwani encourage corporate leaders to follow Unilever's example finding ways to make their products and services socially responsible.

Manwani is also the Director of Whirlpool co. and was named Asia Business Leader of the Year in 2008. Harish Manswani has worked in business since 1976, garnering almost 40 years of experience in managing big businesses with a focus on social responsibility.

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