Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay

Speaker, Author

Keynotes by Harvey Mackay discuss the need to experience failures in order to realize what has been achieved. As a leadership trainer, Mackay possesses a passion for inspiring individuals and companies to unleash their potential. He was recently named one of the 'Top Five Speakers in the World' by Toastmasters, and is often considered one of America's most popular business speakers. There is no wonder that Mackay's speaking engagements have been hosted at prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford and Cornell.

Currently, Mackay is the Chairman of the MackayMitchell Envelope Company and sits on the board of the Minnesota Carlson School of Management. With regards to his education, Harvey graduated from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business Executive Program and also graduated from the University of Minnesota.

Mackay has been a contributing writer for numerous publications including the 'Chicago Sun Times'and 'Rocky Mountain News' among others. He is also a New York Times Best-Selling author of 'Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive' and 'Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt,' both examine how to stay competitive in the business world without sacrificing principles. Both of these books are considered among the top 15 inspirational business books on the markets.

Individuals must experience some form of struggle, trial and error or bumps in the road in order to truly appreciate and achieve success, this mantra is echoed throughout keynotes by Harvey Mackay.

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