Henrik Werdelin

Henrik Werdelin

Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer

The Henrik Werdelin keynotes examine techniques that will garner innovation in the business world. Werdelin believes that innovative ideas cannot be found in business reports, but rather in the creative minds of employees and individuals.

Currently, Werdelin is the Managing Partner at 'Prehype,' a company that enables innovation in its clients by identifying future opportunities and concepts. Some of Werdelin's clients have included 'Coca-Cola' and 'Walt Disney Television.' Prior to this position, Werdelin was the Chief Creative Officer at 'Joost' and the Vice President of Product Development and Strategy at 'MTV Networks.' With regards to his educational background, Werdelin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Political Science from Aalborg University and his Master's with distinction in Journalism from the University of Westminister.

Werdelin is a familiar face on the speaking circuit, speaking at business schools and industry conferences. He is often a trusted source of innovation information from notable media and publication outlets and was named by Fast Company Magazine as one of the 'Top 100 Most Creative Individuals in the US.'

With a clear understanding that innovation comes from culture, the Henrik Werdelin keynotes advocate businesses to encourage creativity and imagination in their workplaces.

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