Iain Hamp

Iain Hamp

Founding Member of Phoenix Community ToolBank, Community Affairs Representative

The keynotes by Iain Hamp emphasize the importance of community building, and help neighborhoods equip volunteerism. He describes the process of creating tool banks, and how these projects can regenerate a community.

Iain Hamp attended Arizona State Univesity before his career in non-profit organizations. He worked as a board member for Friends of Transit and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Arizona. He is a founding member of Phoenix Community ToolBank, and a community affairs representative for Wells Fargo Bank.

The keynotes by Iain Hamp identify new ideas to helps communities through local volunteer groups. His concepts are practical and simple enough to be implemented with low costs and ease. His work with the Phoenix Community ToolBank shows how a basic concept can have boundless effects on a larger community.

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