Irene Natividad

Irene Natividad

Writer, Speaker, President, Founder

Keynotes by Irene Natividad focus on the important role of female consumers. Although Natividad recognizes that women are not assuming the roles of CEOs and executives, she explores their significance in today's economy.

As the President of the Global Summit of Women, Natividad aims to promote the participation of women in the business world and corporate enterprises. She is also a co-chair for 'Corporate Women Directors International,' which promotes the global involvement of women. Currently, Natividad runs GlobeWomen, a Washington-based public affairs firm. In terms of her education, Natividad graduated as valedictorian from Long Island University.

As a result of her extensive fight to empower women, Natividad was awarded the 'Women of Genius' by Trinity College and was honored with a 'Doctorate in Humane Letters' by the Long Island University and Marymount College. She was selected by Women's eNew's as one of the '21 Leaders for the 21st Century' and as one of the '74 Women Changing American Politics' by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Natividad's passionate and empowering words and works were featured on CNN and Good Morning America. As well, her written works were published in the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.

With an unshakable commitment to promoting the well-being and empowerment of women, keynotes by Irene Natividad stress the importance of women in the success of companies and the success of economies.

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