JP Rangaswami

JP Rangaswami

Chairman of Ribbit, Chief Scientist for

JP Rangaswami keynotes examine how information is gathered, understood and processed. As an economist, blogger, financial journalist, and technology innovator, he is no stranger to these tasks.

JP Rangaswami's background is in economics and statistics, which he studied at the prestigious St. Xavier's College, University of Calcutta. From here he went on to work as a financial journalist before working as a CIO at a number of large multinational firms. For his work in such positions, he was recognized as CIO Innovator by the European Technology Forum in 2004 and CIO of the Year by Waters Magazine in 2003.

Rangaswami is probably best known as the the Chairman of Ribbit and the School of Everything. The latter is a project aimed at bringing together teachers and students in an unorthodox and disruptive manner in order to foster innovation and more effective learning. As is apparent in JP Rangaswami keynotes, he is an outspoken advocate of disruptive and emerging information technology. In fact, he has been named by Wire magazine in 2010 as the 18th most influential 'digital powerbroker' alive.

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