Jacinta C. Gauda

Jacinta C. Gauda

Chair of Corporate Communications for Grayling

The keynotes by Jacinta C. Gauda focus on globalization and the role of leaders. Jacinta discusses the traits needed to be a good leader in today's society, and she describes the necessary ways to stand out to prospective employers and companies.

Jacinta earned her degree at Harris College, and she is an executive coach and expert communications trainer. She currently is the chair of corporate communications at Grayling where she supervises global communications. She is an expert in reputation management, and she works with high profile cases creating issue management programs. She is apart of the Fast Company's 30 Second MBA where she talks about doing business in a timely manner.

The keynotes by Jacinta C. Gaunda look at the traits for leaders and help audiences learn what qualities companies look for in individuals.

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