Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

Web Designer at JUST Creative

The Jacob Cass keynotes provide tips on how to build a personal brand by creating a strong presence online through social media platforms and personal websites. Cass is an Identity Designer & Consultant, as well as a Web Designer at his company called JUST Creative. Cass achieved a Bachelor of Visual Communications from the University of New Castle in 2009, and also has a certification in design elements and principles from TAFE in Australia.

His blog called JUST Creative has received numerous awards, including the ‘Best Of Australia’ Wolda Logo Design Award in 2008 and the 2012 CSS Award. This young entrepreneur also has works published in numerous magazines and websites, including the ‘Creative Pool’ and ‘Smashing Magazine.’ The Jacob Cass keynotes give valuable information on the importance of personal branding and how to properly utilize online mediums to build and maintain a presence.

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