James Fallows

James Fallows

National Correspondent for The Atlantic

The speeches by James Fallows look at the future of the American economy and the upcoming shifts between global powers. James Fallows believes that America must stay calm and act with confidence while these shifts take place.

James Fallows earned a degree in American history and literature at Harvard College where he worked for 'The Harvard Crimson' as an editor. After he was a Rhodes scholar studying economics at the University of Oxford. He worked as an editor and writer for The Washington Monthly, Texas Monthly and was the Washington editor for 'The Atlantic.' In 2010, he received the National Book Award for National Defense, and a NY Emmy for his role in 'Doing Business in China.'

Currently, James Fallows is a national correspondent for 'The Atlantic' specializing in military policy and procurement, the college administration process, the American war in Iraq and technology. The speeches by James Fallows look at the international shifts that will occur between the world's nations, and he compares foreign economies with those in America. James Fallows gives insights into his stance on America's economic and leadership position in the future.

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