James Howard Kunstle

James Howard Kunstle


The speeches by James Howard Kunstle reveal his intense preoccupation with suburban spaces. Kunstle believes that banal architecture inhibits the growth of society, largely to the detriment of civic livelihood. His interest in the topic began in 1966 when he graduated from the State University of New York at Brockport as a theater major.

Kunstle's departure from State University was met with his remarkable journalism career, eventually writing for Rolling Stones magazine. He later began lecturing in front of audiences at Harvard, Yale and Columbia University in 1975. His affinity for the publication industry coincided with the 1994 release of his book 'The Geography of Nowhere' which delves into his passionate views on suburbia. His interest in the unrelated subjects of science fiction and the oil business brought about his 'The Long Emergency' (2005) and 'World Made by Hand' (2008) novels, displaying his ability to master diverse topics.

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