James OBrien

James OBrien

Founder of the Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School

Presented by one of the leading personalities in the future of education, speeches by James O'Brien are as engaging as the environment the speaker tries to facilitate in his forward-thinking school.

A motivated but frustrated educator, James O'Brien teamed up with like-minded individuals in New York to create BCAM -- the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School. An extremely supportive and liberal education environment, BCAM is leading the way in accessible, comprehensive schooling. Heavily invested in the development of future-focused education, O'Brien is an unabashedly strong-minded individual who is unafraid to stand out in his field of work. Particularly renowned for offering quality education to low-income and troubled youth, BCAM is a respected institute making a huge impact in its community.

Speeches by James O'Brien are impassioned and thoughtful. Sure to spark change across educational institutions, his presentations are incredibly important to the future of schooling.

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