Jan Chipchase

Jan Chipchase

Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at Frog Design

The keynotes by Jan Chipchase discuss brand innovation and his experiences as an innovator and designer. Jan Chipchase looks at the effects technology has on society as he conducts research around the world.

Jan Chipchase earned his bachelor's in development economics at London Guildhall University, and his master's in user interface design at London Guildhall University. He worked as a manager of user experience and principal scientist at Nokia Research Center. He was a senior design strategist at Nokia, and an executive creative director of global insights at Frog.

Jan Chipchase has more than 15 years of experience in creating solutions for consumer electronics and services. He is an engaging speaker, and his innovations are applied to more than 100 million products and services. The keynotes by Jan Chipchase describe research processes that work, and he uses his past experiences travelling the world to give insight to audiences.

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