Jana Sievers

Jana Sievers

Senior Global Supply Manager

Speeches by Jana Sievers are a must-see for those interested in the future of advertising. Experienced in the realm of mobile marketing and a leading thinker in her industry, Sievers is an eloquent and enlightening speaker who is able to effectively convey the important adaptations necessary for corporations looking to remain relevant.

An international business graduate from Berlin School of Economics, Sievers, who was once a model in Germany, has established herself as an authority on the topic of modern marketing. Currently filling the role of Senior Global Supply Manager at BEI Madvertise Mobile Advertising, she is a shining example of someone who does one thing very well and has achieved success through streamlining her abilities.

Able to convey the importance of the mobile market to audiences, speeches by Jana Sievers reflect her understanding of her field of work and are sure to shake up the advertising industry.

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