Jane Chen

Jane Chen

Entrepreneur/Developmeny Expert

The Jane Chen presentations provide a fresh take on development work. Her focus upon natal care for women is one that few have hone in on, especially where affordability and availability are concerned. As mothers are hard pressed to come across incubators in impoverished regions, she has created an akin technology that will care for premature babies in an inexpensive manner.

Chen graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she completed a Public Administration Masters degree. Her interest in aid work preceded her studies, seen by way of her position as the Program Director of the Chi Heng Foundation. As this organization educates children who are affected by AIDS in China, Chen was able to spread her knowledge of healthcare and interest in the betterment of humanity.

The interactive nature of Jane Chen's presentations goes hand in hand with her proactive attitude. She is now well-known for her co-founding of Embrace, an organization that delivers her mock incubators. Its considerable success has helped to save of the lives of million of at-risk babies.

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