Jane Mcgonigal

Jane Mcgonigal

Vide Game Designer, Professor, Author, Writer

The Jane McGonigal keynotes explore her belief that the answers to many of the world's problems can be solved using video games. McGonigal believes that increased time of video game play can promote motivational thoughts and later actions.

As a world-renowned video game designer, McGonigal possesses a unique perspective as both a player and as a developer. Currently, McGonigal serves as the Director of Games Research and Development at the 'Institute of the Future' and as the Creative Director for 'Social Chocolate.' She is also a future forecaster whose research focuses on how games transform reality, as well as the founder of 'Gameful.'

Prior to these positions, McGonigal taught game design and game theory at the San Francisco Art Institute and UC Berkeley. In terms of her education, McGonigal received her Ph.D in performance studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

McGonigal appeared at 'TED' and the 'Game Developers Conference' and consults with clients including 'Nike' and 'Microsoft.' As an author, McGonigal is most recognized for New York Times Bestseller 'Reality is Broken: Why Games Makes Us Better and How They Can Change the World.' In conjunction, her work was featured in 'The New Yorker' and Vanity Fair.' Due to her contributions to the video gaming industry, McGonigal received the Innovation Award from the 'International Game Developers Association' and the Gaming Award from the 'International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.'

By exploring the hidden potential of video games, the Jane McGonigal keynotes offer intriguing concepts to achieving social and world change.

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