Jane Pratt

Jane Pratt

Journalist, Editor

The keynotes by Jane Pratt are powerful, honest and inspiring for aspiring journalists and editors everywhere. Jane's career in editing began immediately after graduating from Oberlin College with a degree in Communications with a minor in Modern dance. Her first editorial experience came from an internship at Rolling Stone magazine. Her first assistant editor position was at Mcall's in 1986, which then led to her to found Sassy Magazine. She became the youngest editor-in-chief of a national magazine at the age of 24.

Since then, she has continued to tackle the print industry with another magazine Jane and then xojane.com and xovain.com, a women's lifestyle and beauty site. Pratt has been called on to host various talk shows on Fox and Lifetime.

The keynotes by Jane Pratt are as informative as they are entertaining.

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