Janice Chaffin

Janice Chaffin

President of Symatec's Consumer Business Unit

The keynotes by Janice Chaffin focus on dealing with workplace bullies by bringing teams together. Janice Chaffin finds solutions to important problems at work that cause frustration from a lack of communication.

Janice Chaffin earned her degree at the University of California, Los Angeles at The Anderson School of Management. She was the VP and general manager at Hewlett-Packard Company, SVP at HP and EVP and CMO at Symantec. Currently, she is the group president of consumer business at Symantec.

The keynotes by Janice Chaffin discuss how to resolve some of the most difficult problems in workplaces, and identify communication as the key to success. Through individual conversation co-workers can strengthen gaps in their teams, and deal with opposing personalities.

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