Jay Baer

Jay Baer

Social Media Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author

Presentations by Jay Baer are concerned with the growing role of social media in the business world.

An expertise of sorts on the subject of web 2.0, Baer can eloquently speak to the power of social media and the ways in which it informs people's lives. Personable, unpretentious and a clear communicator, Jay is a great speaker with a knack for making sense of technology. Though he graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Alabama, his field of work is far removed from his former studies. After many jobs in the business world, including stints working for Mighty Interactive and ExactTarget, Baer cultivated business skills which led him to his current position. Baer now runs 'Convince and Convert,' a marketing agency specializing in the appropriation of social media.

Baer has become a strong speaker when it comes to his field of work. Presentations by Jay Baer are bound to influence and inform the future of social media marketing.

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