Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Founder of

The keynotes by Jeff Bezos enlighten audiences about the boom of the Internet Revolution, explaining how history is cyclical in nature and that the world has witnessed the same craze before.

Bezos attended Princeton University for electrical engineering and computer science. He dabbled in many professions on Wall Street in his field of computer science. He worked at Fitel, a network builder for trading and Bankers Trust, where he filled the role of vice president. His biggest career move came in 1994 when he founded, famously drafting up a business plan while driving from New York to Seattle. His latest accomplishment is founding Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup.

He has been recognized by various publications including Time (1999 Person of the Year), The Economist (Innovation Award in 2011) and U.S. New & World Report (one of America's best leaders).

Given by somebody who capitalized big time off the boom, the keynotes by Jeff Bezos are steeped in valuable insights about how it has changed the modern era.

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