Jeff Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn

Scientist, Director of the UH Institute for Astronomy in Maui

The keynotes by Jeff Kuhn focus on embracing the scientist that lies within each individual. Kuhn believes society needs agnostics to question authority and scientific judgement to understand the world.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Kuhn received his Ph D. in physics from Princeton University and specializes in astrophysics. For the last 12 years he has been the director of the UH Institute for Astronomy in Maui researching the Sun. He has received more than 24 grants from NASA and the National Science Foundation for his work on solar technologies in Maui and for the development of the most powerful optical instrument, the Advanced Technology Telescope.

Dr. Kuhn is a passionate scientist who believes in the power of science, and the importance of skeptics in society. The keynotes by Jeff Kuhn emphasis how important Maui is to understand the mysteries of the Sun and creating new solar technologies.

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