Jeffery Zeldman

Jeffery Zeldman


Speaker Jeffery Zeldman is an entrepreneur. He's an author and web designer. Zeldman is the founder of 'Happy Cog,' which is a web design studio. Zeldman began publishing web content and blogging back in 1995. A few years later, he began 'A List Apart,' which aims to help web designers how to create accessible, search engine-friendly websites, while keeping costs down.

Zeldman is the author of a book entitled 'Designing with Web Standards.' This book has since been translated into 13 different languages. In 2010, Zeldman decided to create a publishing empire, which he called 'A Book Apart.' This publication focuses on individuals who are creating books about web design.

Zeldman founded his company Happy Cog back in 1999.

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