Jeffrey Piontek

Jeffrey Piontek

Teacher, Speaker, Author

Once a classroom teacher himself, Jeffrey Piontek's keynotes stress the importance of a continuously improving education system that accommodates new generations of students.

Beginning as a science teacher in South Bronx, New York City, Piontek eventually became the Director of Instructional and Informational Technology. In 2008, he became the head of the Technology Academy in Hawaii where he focused on integrating new digital media technology and tools into the classroom.

Jeffrey Piontek's keynotes reflect a deep concern for the classrooms today, often suggesting a new wave of technological integration for the younger generation that is constantly evolving. Aside from being a keynote speaker and former teacher, he is also a part of the National Governor's Association STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Committee. He has also published 'Oh, My!: Electronic Media in the Classroom,' which was well-received in the education community and will be releasing a new book in March 2013.

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