Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell

Advisor, Educator, Writer, Research

Jem Bendell's speaking career took off after he graduated from the University of Cambridge. Bendell later became an educator himself, serving as an Adjunct Professor at Griffith Business School as well as a Visiting Professor at IE Business school. As a director at Lifeworth Consulting, Bendell's responsibilities include directing and managing a team of professionals who seek organizational change. His work allows him to collaborate with individuals and collectives, such as UN agencies, NGOs, firms and universities on a global scale. He has been instrumental in founding and managing initiatives such as the Financial Innovation Lab (which focuses on sustainable finance) and the Authentic Luxury Network. In fact, Bendell's 'Luxury Report' was published in a slew of newspapers and magazines. The work continues to be an influential and widely published piece on the ethical responsibility of luxury brands.

Bendell has had his research and writing frequently published worldwide. He has authored several books, his latest titled "Evolving Partnerships: Working with Business for Greater Social Change." Bendell is passionate about responsible business and sustainability, causing him to be named a 'Young Global Leader' by The World Economic Forum.

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