Jen Duberstein

Jen Duberstein

Corporate Lawyer

The keynotes by Jen Duberstein discuss the importance of respecting every member of a team, in both one's personal and professional life. Her keynotes provide personal reflections and memories of Durberstein's childhood and early involvement in organized teams and her hobby of watching sports. She explains how these experiences hugely influenced her choice to become a lawyer.

After high school and her undergrad, she attended Northwestern where she successfully graduated with a degree in corporate law. She soon entered the sports industry working as a corporate lawyer. She found that her experiences as a member on various sports teams enabled her to understand the value of respect and its integral role in individual and team success.

Duberstein has gone on to work at large firms and companies including Time Warner, Proskauer Rose and MLS. The keynotes by Jen Duberstein provide an interesting perspective on how sports can be positively incorporated into one's success at work.

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