Jen Hidinger

Jen Hidinger

Philanthropist, Restauranteur

Jen Hidinger's keynotes speak to the unpredictability of life. Hidinger was originally working to open a restaurant, titled 'Staplehouse,' with her husband Ryan. The dream took a different route after Ryan was diagnosed with a terminal case of gallbladder cancer.

Inspired by the outpouring of support for Ryan's condition -- they held a fundraiser which raised nearly $300,000 for his medical bills and other needs -- The Giving Kitchen was born. TGK is an organization that lends support to the Atlanta Restaurant Community. Moreover, the Staplehouse has evolved from simply being beacon for fine dining, to becoming subsidiary funding for TKG. All of the profits from the Staplehouse will now go towards supporting the people who "anonymously and graciously nourish so many of us during our dining experiences and who might find themselves in a time of need."

Hidinger was invited to speak at the 2014 TED x Atlantic Conference about her experience and role in creating The Giving Kitchen.

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