Jen Storey

Jen Storey


The Jen Storey talks on implementing business ideas and offer startup advice. The writer and editor specializes in digital media and currently works at Anthill, an online publication for business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. She holds three different degrees, two of which were taken at QUT. Her 1996 Masters these was on the World Wide Web and its potentially revolutionary impact on the world of corporate communications.

The speaker has previous experience launching startups within companies like ACP, Suncorp and McKinsey & Co. In Australia she was also a founding member of AOL and was named one of Australia's top 50 startup influencers.

In 2007 she left the corporate world for "innovation execution" and digital marketing. Currently a CMO and Practice Lead at boutique consultancy edge labs, her work relates to the content of the Jen Storey talk.

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