Jennifer Golbeck

Jennifer Golbeck

Computer Scientist

Jennifer Golbeck's scientific keynotes explain how researchers can easily use consumer social media data to infer personal attributions. These attributions can then be given to companies to target consumers accordingly. Golbeck, however, wants this method to change, and wants people to have the option of willingly given their data.

Golbeck is a computer scientist at the University of Maryland and director of the University of Maryland Human in the Computer Interaction Lab. She completed her PhD in Computer Science and earned an SM and SB in Computer Science, as well as an AB in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Golbeck is known for her work in social network analysis, and is adamant in finding new methods to educate users on protecting their personal data online. Her latest publication, Analyzing the Social Web, provides insight of her work, and appeals as knowledgable observations for consumers.

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