Jer Thorp

Jer Thorp

Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times

The Jer Thorp keynotes explore the correlation between science, art, data and culture and how that plays into data visualization. He is a Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times, and an adjunct Professor in New York University’s ITP program.

Thorp was part of the World Trade Center Memorial project, where he was responsible for organizing the names of those who passed in the tragic event in a distinctive way by using an algorithm tool that he developed. He is also the brains behind the OpenPaths project which aims to protect personal location information that is collected by mobile apps.

His digital art practices have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, CBC, The Guardian, and Business Week. Thorp’s software-based works have been displayed around the globe. The Jer Thorp keynotes are sure to provide interesting information on data visualization, and the impact technology has on our society.

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