Jessi Arrington

Jessi Arrington

Designer, Fashion Blogger

The Jessi Arrington keynotes promote the belief that second-hand shopping can breed new opportunities, life lessons for individuals and one-of-kind wardrobes. Arrington believes that her inexpensive shopping habits give her a unique look, while also decreasing her impact on the environment.

As the co-founder and Creative Director at Workshop, an organization that combines design and social responsibility, Arrington is already doing her part to help the environment, without sacrificing her unique style. Prior to this position, Arrington was a Freelance Designer at Milton Glaser Inc. With regards to her educational background, Arrington studied at the Art Institute of Dallas for testing the waters as an entrepreneur.

As a designer and fashion blogger, Arrington knows how to construct outfits, and throughout her personable talks, she examines her fashion hunting adventures. Examining the optimism that accompanies looking good and not necessarily spending more, the Jessi Arrington keynotes embrace style and the skill of a stylish yet cost-savvy shopper.

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