Jill Vialet

Jill Vialet

CEO and Founder of Playworks

Presented by the graduate of Harvard University, speeches by Jill Vialet hold incredibly important implications for the way in which children are taught to learn and play, and how fostering fun can be helpful to improving a child's learning.

Often speaking about her vast knowledge and interest in child development, speeches by Jill Vialet reflect her involvement in Playworks, her company which seeks to enhance students' lives in regard to play. Before founding Playworks, Vialet established 'MOCHA,' The Museum of Children's Art, an initiative to encourage young people to be more creative. An extremely successful veteran in the non-profit sector, Vialet is a powerful voice with a great deal of influence.

A good fit for education-focused events, Jill Vialet is a speaker with valuable ideas about changing the way people think about play and learning.

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