Jim Tanaka

Jim Tanaka


The Jim Tanaka keynotes explore how the use of interactive media can have serious benefits for children and adults living with autism. He explains some of the reasons for their emotional and social disconnect and how his new software program CERT can help change this. His keynotes explore how using interactive media with facial recognition can help better their understanding of people and expressions.

Tanaka is currently a professor at the University of Victoria and works in the Social Sciences department. He currently resides in British Columbia, Canada. Tanaka received his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Oregon. He has also written a number of books including 'Exploring the perceptual spaces of faces, cars and birds in children and adults' and 'Using computerized games to teach face recognition skills to children with autism spectrum disorder: The Let's Face It! program.'

The Jim Tanaka keynotes are interesting and beneficial for anyone who would like to learn more about autism.

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