Joaquin Alvarado

Joaquin Alvarado

Journalist, Entrepreneur

The Joaquin Alvarado talk on journalism explains much of the work the Center for Investigative Reporting is doing to ensure the survival of the industry and uphold its democratic responsibilities. The speaker currently acts as the CEO of the Center, the first and largest non-profit organization dedicated to investigative reporting. He currently serves on the boards of TechSoup Global and DEI.

Previously, the co-author of 'Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art' worked as the Senior Vice President for Digital Innovation at American Public Media and the Founding Senior Vice President for Diversity and Innovation at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He is also the founder of CoCo Studios and the founding director of the Institute for Next Generation Internet. He began the National Public Lightpath in 2004.

The speaker was educated at UC Berkeley, where he received his bachelor's degree in Chicano Studies, and the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, where he obtained his MFA. This experience in the arts lends itself to much of the community engagement discussed in the Joaquin Alvarado talk.

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