Jodi Beggs

Jodi Beggs

Behavioral Economist and Writer at Economists Do It With Models

The keynotes by Jodi Beggs promote rational thinking and explain recent findings from various behavioral economists. Jodi Beggs describes how preconceived notions and changing contexts have powerful effects on decision-making.

Jodi Beggs earned a degree in computer science and mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and she is a Ph. D candidate in business economics at Harvard University. She has worked as a lecturer at Northeastern University and as a research economist at State Street Associates. Currently, she is an economist and writer at Economists Do It With Models, LLC.

Jodi Beggs specializes in behavioral economics, consumer behavior as well as incentives, and she analyzes public policies and social programs. The keynotes by Jodi Beggs teach people how to make decisions on actual experiences and help people form rational perceptions.

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