Jody Greenstone Miller

Jody Greenstone Miller

chief executive office, chairwoman

The keynotes by Jody Greenstone Miller reflect her experience as a successful chairwoman and chief executive officer across numerous fields. Whether she's working in business, government, media or for a non-profit organization, Miller always puts her best foot forward.

Miller worked as a venture partner with Seattle-based venture capital firm, Maveron from 2000 to 2007. Previously, she served as a special assistant to Bill Clinton during his presidency. She was chosen as a White House Fellow and served in Department of the Treasury under George Bush. Miller also formerly lent her talents to help launch a documentary television division for Time-Life Television. She also worked for Americast, a company that helped partner different distributors of interactive services.

Miller currently serves on the board of directors of TRW (NYSE) and Capella Education Company (NASDAQ).

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