Joe Folkman

Joe Folkman

Co-Founder and President of Zenger Folkman

The speeches by Joe Folkman give novel insight into the heavily frequented topics of leadership, corporate culture and the importance of feedback.

With an extensive background in Psychology, Joe Folkman completed his doctorate in Social and Organizational Psychology and his master's in Organizational Behavior at Bringham Young University.

Aside from serving as an advisor to a long list of corporations like Boeing, General Mills and Wells Fargo, he is a founding partner at Novations Group Inc., a professional training firm. In 2007, he co-founded and became President of Zenger Folkman, an organization that looks to coach empowerment and effective change through clients who wish for it. Folkman has since stepped down from the position but remains the owner.

The speeches by Joe Folkman primarily focus on developing leadership and managing organizational change, drawing from his expertise and experience in consulting spanning 30 years.

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