Joe Landolina

Joe Landolina

Researcher and CEO of Suneris

The Joe Landolina keynotes expand on topics in healthcare with a focus on saving lives through new medical innovations. Despite his young age, Landolina has already accomplished a great number of feats in the field including creating a gel that immediately closes up bloody wounds.

Landolina is the co-founder and CEO of Suneris, Inc -- a company filled with researchers and scientists working to bring Landolina's injury gel to the people. The revolutionary medical product is designed to help restore the body after an impact by instantly closing up the injury's infected area. Suneris is currently working on patents and funding to make the gel accessible to everyone around the world, including soldiers. Along with this role Landolina is also a full-time student at NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Many of the Joe Landolina talks are inspirational and share how science can help revolutionize the world.

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