Joe Sabia

Joe Sabia

Independent Conceptor

The Joe Sabia speeches focus on technology’s role in storytelling; he is an independent consultant, creator, collaborator and TED speaker.

Sabia’s Internet career started in 2005, with a web show called 'The BC.' He then attained a job with HBO, but left to fulfill entrepreneurial pursuits. He co-founded ‘Sexy Politics,’ which is a start-up that was one of the first strip quizzes created on the Internet.

In 2012, he launched a YouTube channel called ‘cdza,’ which publishes viral videos with Julilliard trained musicians. Sabia is also the co-founder of ‘Four Story Treehouse,’ and also developed and directed ‘Thank You Notes.’

Sabia’s work focuses on internet videos that exhibit obsessive and recurring themes; he remixes and creates new forms of art with a screen capture style. The Joe Sabia speeches are sure to inspire creative individuals.

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