John Canfield

John Canfield

Author, Speaker, President

The John Canfield keynotes examine the importance of realizing and thinking about ideas with duality and opposing perspective. Canfield believes that businesses should look at the ideas as both inspirational from an internal perspective, and threatening from the perspective of competitors.

As the President of Canfield and Associates, Canfield has worked with and assisted leading companies to improve, sustain and innovate their capabilities. Prior to this position, Canfield was Director of Corporate Quality and Design Research at Herman Miller and was a Senior Engineering Manager at Intel Corporations. With regards to his educational background, Canfield received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Psychology from Williams College.

With over 30 years of organization and individual development leadership skills, Canfield is an experienced leadership and seminar leader trained in problem-solving and creativity among others. As an author, Canfield released a series of business books based on innovation and improvements. He also lectures globally, referencing two more of his books ' Collaborate: Tools and Techniques for Productive Meetings' and 'Think or Sink: Parable of Collaboration.'

Ideas, be them business or not, must be approached from differing mindsets and perspectives in order to be truly successful and innovative, and this sentiment flows seamlessly through the John Canfield keynotes.

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