John Halcyon Styn

John Halcyon Styn

Entrepreneur and Blogger

The John Halcyon Styn keynotes remind us that the world is a very beautiful place. His speeches are incredibly inspirational and allow us to reflect on all the positives in life. He teaches an audience to not focus on the bad aspects or little worries in life, but to rather focus on all the good and share that with the people around us.

Styn is an entrepreneur, blogger, author and web celebrity. In all aspects of his life, he focuses on peace and happiness. He is constantly trying to show the world that everyone is connected and that if that is embraced we can live in a much better place. His major statement is that "The world would rather hug you then hurt you."

He is the co-founder of 1st Saturdays, which is a homeless outreach project. He also runs Hug-Nation, which attempts to spread love and happiness around the world. The John Halcyon keynotes offer enlightenment and a peace of mind.

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