John Horgan

John Horgan

Author, Professor, Writer, Director

The John Horgan presentations are thoughtful discussions that examine violence and war as a cultural phenomenon, rather than a biological one. Horgan believes that humans need to reevaluate their current understanding of human nature in order to combat increasing violence.

Horgan is currently a science journalist and the Director at the Stevens Institute of Technology's Center for Science Writers. Formerly a senior writer at Scientific America, Horgan's written work is also featured in 'The New York Times' and 'The Washington Post.'

With regards to his educational background, Horgan earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the School of General Studies at Columbia University and his Master's from Columbia's School of Journalism. With an extensive knowledge of this topic, Horgan lectures at prestigious venues including MIT and Princeton. In 2005, he was honored with the 'Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowship in Science and Religion' and the 'American Psychiatric Association Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Reporting on Psychiatric Issues.

As an author, Horgan is most recognized for his bestseller 'The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Science in the Twilight of the Scientific Age' and the 2000 British Mind Book of the Year 'The Undiscovered Mind: How the Human Brain Defies Replication, Medication and Explanation.' Due to his publications, Horgan was featured on 'MSNBC and 'Voice of America' to discuss violence.

With insightful and thought-provoking evidence, the John Horgan presentations suggest that lethal group violence and war is a modern invention, and with the alteration of cultural conventions it has the potential of ending.

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