John Kotter

John Kotter

Author, Professor at Harvard Business School

The John Kotter keynotes push leaders to become better guides for their organization, delving into topics of overcoming adversity and effective transformation.

John Kotter graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor's and master's degree in hand. He proceeded to finish his doctorate of business administration at Harvard Business School in 1972. Immediately, he was hired as a professor, where he earned full professorship in 1980.

Kotter authored 17 books, 12 of which are bestsellers. These include titles such as A Sense of Urgency (2008) and Our Iceberg is Melting (2006). His articles in the Harvard Business Review also received incredible acclaim, selling more than any other professor writing in the same time period. For his achievements and expertise in coaching change in organizations, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Workplace Learning and Performance from ASTD.

In 2008, he co-founded Kotter International, which helps organizations accelerate their initiatives in a fluid environment. He currently acts as the Chief Innovation Officer.

The John Kotter keynotes give compelling insights into sparking urgency and accomplishment, ultimately inspiring people to become better leaders and action-forward.

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