John Nosta

John Nosta

Author, Marketer, Lecturer

The John Nosta talks discuss the concept that genius is the birthright of people and mediocrity is a self-imposed affliction. The speaker began his career as a scientific thinker and research associate at Harvard Medical School. There he worked alongside global thought leaders to co-publish academic papers on cardiovascular physiology.

The author of HEALTH CRITICAL in Forbes is known for his work in advertising, which extends to ad campaigns, brand personalities, marketing strategies and social media. A vocal advocate for strategic thinking and the creative process, the speaker believes in the science of advertising to produce superior marketing. In a way to bridge the two, he makes complex medical and scientific concepts easier to translate for patients and concerned parties. He is currently working on changing the way social media and influence marketing is integrated in healthcare.

The John Nosta talk is just one example of the lecturer's ability to speak passionately on an array of subjects.

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