John Wooden

John Wooden

Retired American Basketball Player & Coach

The John Wooden speeches provide inspirational advice on the importance of achieving personal success and pursuing lifelong dreams. Wooden is a retired American basketball player and coach who was the head of the UCLA team.

Wooden was named “The National Coach of the Year” six times throughout his career and was also the first to be named basketball’s ‘All-American’ three times, and won a national championship at Purdue. In 1961, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player, and added as a coach in 1973; he is amazingly only one of three players to have been honored with both titles.

Wooden attended Purdue University, where he was coached by Ward Lambert on the University’s basketball team. After World War 2, he coached for the Indiana State Teacher’s College from 1946 and 1948.

Wooden has achieved tremendous success throughout his lifetime, and although he passed away in June of 2010, the John Wooden speeches not only act as memories but as inspiration for generations to come.

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