Jon Cozart

Jon Cozart

YouTube Personality, Comedian, Musician

Jon Cozart's keynotes are likely to involve his YouTube channel. Cozart is a professional YouTube personality who posts videos under the alias 'Paint.' He initially gained recognition when his video, 'Harry Potter in 99 Seconds,' went viral. Soon after, Cozart quickly rose to YouTube fame. His most successful video to date, eclipsing the success of his Harry Potter video, is the 'After Ever After' sing-along parody, uploaded on March 12, 2013.

Cozart's channel currently boasts upward one million subscribers, and the accumulated views for his videos hovers at 90 million. These numbers translate into actual dollar amounts, considering that Cozart's music has resulted in 100,000 iTunes purchases. Beyond his YouTube career, Cozart is also a dedicated student at the University of Texas.

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