Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

Computer Scientist and Internet Artist

Presented by the Princeton graduate and Internet innovator, keynotes by Jonathan Harris reflect the speaker's interest in the combination of art and modern technology.

An expressive and digital savvy individual, Harris is an engaging speaker who is able to communicate the emotional influence of the web. He is foremost invested in making the Internet a better means of connectivity between people. The co-creator of 'We Feel Fine,' and the sole creator of 'Whale Hunt' and 'Cowbird,' Harris' accomplishments are both artistic and technologically advanced. A forward thinker with a unique mixture of interests and abilities, Harris is a standout individual in his field who has won plenty of well-deserved recognition from 'The Webby Awards,' 'Print Magazine' and the World Economic Forum.

Excellent at bringing some life and humanness to the online realm, Harris would be well-suited as a speaker at tech and social media events.

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