Jonathan Mannion

Jonathan Mannion

Photographer, Film Director

The keynotes by Jonathan Mannion detail his incredible career as a photographer whose images have had a significant impact in defining hip-hop music. Mannion's professional career began in 1993. After completing his studies at Keyon College in Ohio, Mannion moved to New York City to pursue photography more seriously.

One of the most pivotal moments in his career occurred in 1996, when Mannion was commissioned to take photos of Jay-Z for his album 'Reasonable Doubt.' Since then, Mannion has photographed countless hip-hop performers, including Aaliyah, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Drake and Lil Wayne.

Mannion possesses a unique aesthetic, a tireless work ethic and a profound ability to connect with the subjects he photographs. He is trusted and respected by industry professionals in the realms of music, film, art, design and athletics. His portfolio includes some of the most defining images of iconic people within these industries.

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