Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin

Keynote Speaker, Managing Partner at Juggling Elephants

Speeches by Jones Loflin are incredibly charismatic, attention-grabbing and a must-see for those in the business world.

Loflin, who holds a degree in education from North Carolina State University, is effective at communicating his groundbreaking ideas about corporate culture. An expert at creating solutions to common business issues, Loflin is someone who knows what he's talking about, and his ideas have been proven again and again to be effective. Having been a source of expertise for huge corporations including Wal-Mart, Microsoft and FedEx, Loflin is clearly a trusted name in the realm of business. In addition to his successful career in keynote speaking, Jones also co-founded 'Juggling Elephants,' a corporate training program with a book of the same name.

Sure to shake up a stale or malfunctioning business, speeches by Jones Loflin are highly valuable to keeping morale and productivity in check.

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